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Fox Island (Images of America: Washington)

Rockwell Kent was an incredibly varied human being who lived grand adventures. Early on, though, Capra noticed what he calls a 'vacuum'—no writers or scholars had seriously researched Kent's time in Alaska. Kent is the kind of subject that can make a writer giddy—he was complex, imperfect, always striving for more and constantly evolving.

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Like Kent, he became very interested in the whole concept of wilderness—What is wilderness? Why are people so attracted to it? Ultimately, for Doug Capra, the allure of Kent's story is a personal one as well. In the late s, Alaska was frequently in the news in New York City because of the railroad being built.

Seward was the starting point for that large project. Kent was always drawn to wild places. Although he was based in New York City for much of his life, he'd previously dragged his family to remote Newfoundland, Greenland and coastal Maine. A great Alaska adventure was the next step.

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It was a harsh winter. So he did a lot of pen and ink sketching as well as oil painting impressions on plywood. It was the combination of the book and the paintings that really called attention to Kent as an artist.

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Kent returned to New York in the spring of , loaded with artistic inspiration and sketchbooks that would provide the basis for many paintings. Yet I am still not sold on the climate change. There are some places that have been warmer. Alas it could be 80F in Indianna.

Yet we are still at 35F. To me, climate change means everyones temp goes up. Right now in the midwest from the eastern side of Washington through to Wyoming they have an early winter. Yet it is autumn weather here in the northeast. Normal weather for us. Nope, if there is truly climate change? Everyone will be posting warmer temps at the same time everywhere. This can be done in 1 of 2 ways. The first is limit mans numbers. Historically humans had large families to compensate for high mortality rates among children, especially infants.

Thanks to modern medicine we no longer need to have large families. Most modern countries have lower birth rates, but too many countries do not so the population continues to grow. The second way to limit man impact is to impoverish us. Energy is wealth. It is the ability to transform low value items into high value items. Unfortunately our leaders seem to prefer to impoverish us as it makes us more controllable. Either new technology will address the man-made problem of global warming or we will destroy ourselves.

There is no shortage of clean energy. We just need the will and vision to tap into it. Commander Pat Paterson, U. Navy Retired must be loosing his marbles.

As a Navy man he should know that Spring Tides happen approximately fortnightly, not weekly. Willy, a helpful way to think of this is in terms of ratios of cold weather to warm weather. See this helpful article, in particular the graphic showing the changing relationship of record cold temperatures to record warm temperatures. Old Salt Blog. Skip to content.

Search for:. Navy Retired in an article titled, Climate Change is Coming for Annapolis , writes: The Academy and Annapolis already are experiencing the effects of climate change. Bookmark the permalink. October 26, at am. Resident of Sorrento Maine. Willy says:. Phil says:.

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October 26, at pm. Willy, Where are you? Where do you live? Only 2 questions! Ginny says:.

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    Fox Island (Images of America) Fox Island (Images of America)
    Fox Island (Images of America) Fox Island (Images of America)
    Fox Island (Images of America) Fox Island (Images of America)
    Fox Island (Images of America) Fox Island (Images of America)
    Fox Island (Images of America) Fox Island (Images of America)
    Fox Island (Images of America) Fox Island (Images of America)
    Fox Island (Images of America) Fox Island (Images of America)
    Fox Island (Images of America) Fox Island (Images of America)
    Fox Island (Images of America)

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